Hiking Tours

Kopaonik National Park organizes tours with guides for all interested guests. If you want to get to know all the beauties of Kopaonik, register for one of the six offered tours organized every Sunday from Tuesday to Saturday. You can see the schedule of possible hiking tours below.


The duration of the hiking tour is about 7-8 hours, with 415 meters of climb, a degree of difficulty: a long medium-weight tour. The trail passes through the center of Kopaonik, covered with coniferous forest, covered with rare herbs, streams, streams and peat "Jankov bara". The trail passes along the geomorphological monuments - stone granite figures, the "Markos" and "Lisičije" rocks, the "Suvi vrh-Dry peak" with the most beautiful view of the  Kopaonik.


"Oštri Krš"

Duration of a hiking tour about 6 hours, with a height of about 588 m, degree of difficulty: medium heavy tour. "Gobelja" (1934mnm) is one of the peaks of Kopaonik, with wide slopes and steep valleys of the "Gobelja" River, overlooking "Željin" and "Goč" and other mountains. For visitors - hikers, it is attractive due to the nature reserve and rare and distinct communities of hinterland with habitats of extremely rare and endangered plant species.



The duration of the hiking tour is 6-7 hours, with a height of about 853m, the severity of a medium-weight long-distance tour. The national sanctuary of Kopaonik, a miraculous source-hidden in the springs of the Brzećka River. Natural reserve, community of spruce, beech forests and other rare plant species.


Semeteš Lake

Duration of a hiking tour 8-10 hours with a height of about 850m, weight: weight, long tour. The Lake of Semeteš is 900 meters above sea level, in the village of Semeteš, under the visa "Čukara". It is circular in shape, 60 meters in diameter and 4 meters deep. He gets water from two sources above the lake. The water temperature is 10 ° C (average), in July and August to 20 ° C. On the shores of the lake there is an excellent restaurant with a local cuisine


Jankova Bara (Pond)

The duration of the hiking tour is 5-6 hours, with a drop of 402 meters and a climb of 322 meters, a degree of difficulty: medium weight
The Red Ponds and Janko Pond are located in the area of Ravan Kopaonik (1425-1650m). The area is covered with thick coniferous forests through which several streams flow into the Samokovska River. In this part of Ravne Kopaonik there are two natural reserves: Samokovska river and Jankos Pond



Duration of a hiking tour about 4-5 hours with rises of about 452 meters, weight: medium weight. Treska, one of the prominent peaks of Kopaonik with the peak Šiljak peak (1622mnm), is imposing and is often a trip to Kopaonik visitors. Departure to this pedestrian tour is from the center of the Konaci" near the ambulance (health station), marked path to the meteorological station southwest on the ridge of the Krst(Cross).


"Nebeske Stolice" - Heavenly Chairs

Duration of the hiking tour around 4-5 hours with a height of 414 m, degree of difficulty: medium, heavy tour. The trail passes through the areas of Ravni Kopaonik, covered with green cover, covered with various flowers, medicinal herbs, blueberries and wild raspberry. Part of the path passes through two natural reserves: Duboka (in small part) and Suvo Rudište (under Pančić peak).


"Markove Stene" - Mark's Rocks

Duration of a hiking tour about 3-4 hours, with a height of about 170 m, degree of difficulty: light short tour. The area around the Mark's rocks and the Samokovska River covers diverse and interesting communities of spruce with moss, acidity and other vegetation, like shaking - right next to Samokovska river. It passes through the natural reserve Samokovska reka, next to granite walls, geomorphological monuments: "Suvi jelak" (1622mnm) and Mark's rocks (1721mnm).



Duration of a hiking tour 4-5 hours, with a height of 416 m, weight: light. The trail passes through interesting areas of Ravni Kopaonik - Pajino preslo, Duboka, Knezeva bara and Ledenica. It passes through the natural reserve Duboka.