Massages and body treatments


Relax Massage – Aromatherapy
Classic massage techniques that accelerate the microcirculation, relieve pain in muscles, tension and stress. The techniques we use are long rhythmic strokes that provide complete relaxation. Ideal for the first treatment as well as a constant practice.

ZONED holistic massage

The therapist will relax you mentally and physically with the Zoned holistic massage, improving the balance of lymph flow through your body improving blood circulation as well. By combining techniques from different parts of the world as well as stimulating the senses of smell using the aroma of various essential oils, the therapist will bring balance to your mind, body and spirit.

Sports massage

Sports massage includes Swedish massage movements as well as techniques that are specifically designed for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. Regular sessions can help in repairing the pliability and flexibility of muscles.

Anti cellulite massage

If you are fighting against cellulite, with this massage and it’s special serum your body will be shaped according to your wishes. Please note that you need persistence coupled with physical activity, of which one of the best, skiing,  can be found near our hotel.

Hyper Zone

A Massage whic uses oils, which give away the effect of heat. This type of massage provides relaxation and treatment of the body which is revitalizing and leads to a feeling of complete harmony.

Harmony treatment for the feet and hands
This aromatic treatment with paraffin revitalizes, hydrates and nourishes your hands and feet with antioxidants. This anti-stress treatment, enriched with mineral salts that prepare the skin, which is then treated with olive oil, lemon and rosemary reduces your overall stress.

Mama (mother) massage

Massage is a very old and simple method that provides us with general prevention and preservation of the health. Increases circulation, releases muscle tension, pain and brings relaxation with long, gentle massage movements. MAMA massage is a special program for pregnant women, designed to make you feel relaxed, releasing the pain in the shoulders and back, as well as swelling in the legs. This massage will leave you with a wide smile with which you will celebrate the birth of a new life. Treat yourself and your baby with the beauty of a relaxing touch.

Body peeling

For ultra quick and easy skin regeneration. Peel the whole body, and then end the treatment with hot towels. A simple but very effective treatment.

Paraffin sense (paraffin treatment)

A traditional body treatment in which the body loses excess fat and water, which in turn alleviates swellings in a good way . Warm oil rich in paraffin is applied gently to the whole body. The whole body is wrapped, and while the guest is wrapped in the oil packing, he will enjoy the pleasure of a completa head massage.