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“Relax massage-aromatherapy”

“The classic technique of massage that accelerates microcirculation, relieves pain from muscles, tension and stress.” The techniques we employ are long, rhythmic movements that allow relaxation and complete relaxation, ideal for the first time as well as for constant application. ”

“ZONED holistic massage”

“Therapist ZONED will relax you mentally and physically by holistic massage, improve lymphatic flow balancing through the body and improve blood circulation. By combining techniques from different parts of the world as well as by stimulating the senses of scents with a variety of aromas of essential oils, the therapist will bring your mind, ghost.”

“Sport massage”

“A sports massage includes Swedish massage movements as well as techniques designed specifically for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. A regular session can help with improved flexibility and muscle flexibility.”

“Anticellulite massage”

“If you fight cellulite, with this massage and special serum, your body will be shaped as you wish. We note that it is necessary to persist as well as the physical activity that you have near our hotel, which is skiing.”

“Hyper Zone”

“Massage with oil that gives the effect of heat. This kind of massage provides relaxation and purification, the body is revitalized and brings feelings of complete harmony.”

“Harmony Foot and Hand Treatment”

“This aromatic treatment with paraffin revitalizes, hydrates and protects antioxidants from the hands and feet. In this anti-stress treatment, the rich mineral salts that prepare the skin, and then combine olive oil, lemon and rosemary to reduce stress through massage.”

“Mama massage”

“Massage is a very old and simple method that enables us to prevent and maintain health. Increasing circulation, relieving muscular tension, pain and relaxation through long, gentle massage movements MAMA massage is a special program for pregnant women, all as you need to be as relaxed as possible, pain in the shoulders, back, islands in the legs and with a wide smile, you are celebrating the birthday of a new life. A special program of massage for pregnant women has been created. Give yourself and the baby a beauty of relaxing touch. ”

“Body scrub”

“For ultra-quick and easy skin regeneration, the entire body is sifted and then the treatment is done by covering hot towels. Simple and highly effective treatment.”

“Imagine Mud Treatment”

“Wellness mud alleviates the tension of muscle tension, softens and calms the nervous system, the body is stratified into the mud with maximum therapeutic action.” While resting, your face and head will be left with a finger of an expert therapist. “After massage you will enjoy the hot water and effects of creams which complements the therapeutic effects of mud. ”

Treatment services

  • Relax massage-Aromatherapy
  • ZONED holistic massage
  • Sport massage
  • Anticellulite massage
  • Hyper Zone
  • Harmony treatment for feet and hands
  • Mom’s massage
  • Body scrub
  • Imagine treatment with mud


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